Declawed Paws Exercise Pad

Declawed Paws.....

All cats have the natural instinct to scratch and declawed cats are no exception!

Scratching is critical to a cat’s well-being, declawed or not. If your cat is declawed, Declawed Paws™ Exercise Pad's unique design will help keep your cat’s muscles strong, his paws happy and add fun to his day!

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Common Knowledge

All cats, even declawed cats, instinctively stretch their paws on whatever they can find.

The Problem

Traditional scratch pads are made for cats with claws.

The Solution

Declawed Paws Exercise Pad is made specifically for the declawed cat. It is the special "L-EDGE"™ that gives the declawed cat satisfaction.


  • Foot Exercise

    All cats need the very basic ability to exercise their paws.

  • Well Being

    It provides valuable muscle strengthening as well as essential mental and physical stimulation.

  • Instincts

    Stretching their paws satisfies their natural urges.